Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow, school, and being creative!

Well we are back into the swing of our normal routine. Our days are filled with learning, playing, reading, and everything in between. During these cold winter months when we spend more time inside than out, we work hard to try to be creative and stay busy! 
We have already had some snow and the kids were so excited to get out and play.

Kelly and Sam playing!

Joey and Stephen

Tommy looking and watching from inside. I told him, you will be out there next year buddy! :)
He was very content enjoying his lollipop.

Tommy and Sam enjoying brother time!! Sam loves playing with Tommy!

This was one of our cold days when the kids couldn't go outside.So they used their creativity and made some tents and then had fun listening to Kelly read.

The next two pictures are ones that I love. Sam was having problems with his shelf next to his bed. So Joey took it upon himself to get it down so that he and his Dad could fix it. I came upstairs looking for the boys not knowing what they were doing and this is what I found! 

I just thought this was so cute! 

He was successful and his Dad was very appreciative.

This is Joey this past Saturday watching his Dad fix our dryer. Do you see a theme here? Joey loves to fix things. ( He was enjoying his lollipop while watching his Dad)

In the midst of the cold days we are so thankful for a warm home, the opportunity to learn, and try some new things.

If Kenny is not working at Chik-fil-a, this is usually where he is, in his room studying.

Working hard!

Learning to play jacks!

Keep enjoying these winter days and stay warm. :)



  1. Great job on the shelf work, Joey! Blanket forts here, too, plus finding creative ways to come down the stairs. ;-) I think Kelly looks just like you in this picture, Alice. :-)

  2. Oh, and here's that book I was telling you about.

    They have several versions, including one with a newer publishing date. The original I've linked to was published in 1988. I checked, and they do have it at the IMCPL. Amazon shows it is for ages 9 and up. Is that how old Joey is?

    1. Thanks Colleen! Joey will be 9 in Feb. so that sounds perfect. I will check it out. So glad you all are enjoying your winter days too!

  3. Love these smiley pictures of your sweet kids! Looks like you are all having a fun time, despite the cold and snow.

    1. Thanks Kelly!!! Yes we are doing are best, but are looking forward to those
      warmer temperatures! :)

  4. How sweet of Joey! You could probably hire him out. ;)

    1. I think your right, he may someday be quite the handyman!!
      Thanks Sharron!!

  5. Nice blog! I'm hoping this comment will publish! :-)