Monday, March 2, 2015

Birthdays and Fun Times

February is always a busier month for us we have two birthdays and Valentines day. 
So I thought it would be fun to share with you a recap of our special times. Our first birthday in February is Fred's. This year there was a little more excitement added to the day when Stephen fell and had to get a cast put on his foot.
Kelly had taken her Panda Bear and wrapped up one paw so Stephen wouldn't feel alone!
Stephen was such a trooper we were so proud of him.
Later that night we were all able to enjoy some of Fred's brownie and the kids were happy to see
their Daddy blow out his candles!
Next was Joey's birthday he turned 9 this year and was super excited about his birthday!

He had so much fun!!
My two birthday boys. Fred's is the 11th and Joey's is the 13th it is always a special week for us!
The day after Joey's birthday we enjoyed Valentine's Day with some special food for lunch and dinner. We loved being together and enjoyed lots of yummy food.
Just a couple more pictures of fun things we have done.
One night we moved furniture around and set up a tent to let the kids play and sleep in. This was the highlight of the week!!
This little train has added hours of fun on snowy, cold days!
Of course all kinds of fun creations!
Joey decided to get in the play pen with Tommy and play peek a boo!
This was a big exciting day for Stephen because Daddy was teaching him how to play the Wii.
Tommy enjoying some big brother time with Kenny.
So that is just a little recap of some happenings here at the Childers!
It was fun getting to share with you.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just a Little Project

 Usually during the winter months we try to do some small project in the house. So this past weekend my sweet husband said he would do some painting for me. I was very excited to say the least. We spend a lot of time in our dining room/school room and decided it was time for a change of color.
I wanted to brighten it up and make it feel a little more roomie. So I chose a white and everyone loves it. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who did this for me!
The kids always enjoying watching Daddy paint!
The foyer now!
The school room is much brighter and a nice change.
Sometimes it's just a small change that can make a huge difference!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Excited to be outside and very thankful!!

It has been so wonderful the last few days here with the temperatures being warmer and seeing the sunshine. The kids have been able to go outside and play and not even wear their coats. What a treat this time of year to be able to go out and not have to bundle all the kids up!

Stephen enjoying the tree swing!

Tommy was super excited to get outside with the big kids!

Joey and Kelly enjoying some rope swing time!

Just glad to be outside! 

Don't know how long it will last, but are so thankful for it!!
Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow, school, and being creative!

Well we are back into the swing of our normal routine. Our days are filled with learning, playing, reading, and everything in between. During these cold winter months when we spend more time inside than out, we work hard to try to be creative and stay busy! 
We have already had some snow and the kids were so excited to get out and play.

Kelly and Sam playing!

Joey and Stephen

Tommy looking and watching from inside. I told him, you will be out there next year buddy! :)
He was very content enjoying his lollipop.

Tommy and Sam enjoying brother time!! Sam loves playing with Tommy!

This was one of our cold days when the kids couldn't go outside.So they used their creativity and made some tents and then had fun listening to Kelly read.

The next two pictures are ones that I love. Sam was having problems with his shelf next to his bed. So Joey took it upon himself to get it down so that he and his Dad could fix it. I came upstairs looking for the boys not knowing what they were doing and this is what I found! 

I just thought this was so cute! 

He was successful and his Dad was very appreciative.

This is Joey this past Saturday watching his Dad fix our dryer. Do you see a theme here? Joey loves to fix things. ( He was enjoying his lollipop while watching his Dad)

In the midst of the cold days we are so thankful for a warm home, the opportunity to learn, and try some new things.

If Kenny is not working at Chik-fil-a, this is usually where he is, in his room studying.

Working hard!

Learning to play jacks!

Keep enjoying these winter days and stay warm. :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sammy's Birthday!

               It is hard to believe our little Sam turned 6 yrs. old on Monday January 5, he had been looking so forward to his birthday. Sunday the day before we had a family over after church, one of their little boys is Sam's favorite friend. His name is Grant and Sam was so happy that he got to come over.

This is Sam and Grant a couple months ago at the Scottish Ball. :)

We've always tried to make birthdays very special for each child. Over the years we have done different things. This years Sam's day started off with a special breakfast with his Daddy!

The rest of the day was filled with singing "Happy Birthday" to Sam at different points of the day. He got to drink Coke with his lunch which is a real treat around here. In the afternoon we made popcorn and he got to pick a movie to watch. He wanted homemade pizza for dinner so that was easy and every one was happy about that!!

Enjoying his pizza on his Avengers birthday plate!

He had fun opening his presents and was so happy that Grandma and Grandpa could come. I don't have a picture of them but they were there as always something the kids always look forward to.

Sammy giving Patti a big hug before she had to go to work.

Love you so much my one and only little brown eyed boy!!
So thankful that God gave you to us, you are one of our precious gifts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well Christmas has come and gone and we have many happy memories that we will treasure.
This was our first year with our new tree. Fred and the kids purchased it last year after Christmas realizing that after 24 yrs we needed to say goodbye to what we called our Charlie brown tree!

 We started the season off by attending a Holy walk with some dear friends. We have been going to it for many years since Patti and Kenny were small. We took our annual trip up to Reynolds tractor farm one evening to see the incredible light display, one of the highlights of the season for the kids.

 Joey, Kelly, and Sam were invited by Aunt Shari and some of their cousins to attend the
Yuletide celebration downtown with Grandma Reed. They had a marvelous time and enjoyed getting to run around on monument circle. Thank you Aunt Shari they loved it!!

As always we look forward to getting to see family and friends that we don't get to see much throughout the year. Our first get together was with my family at my brother Larry and Regina's house.

Love these wonderful brothers! Larry and Stephen, missed seeing John he had to work.

The cousins enjoying a show in the movie room!!

This was one of the high lights of Christmas this year giving this pencil drawing of my Mom and Ken to them. A very, sweet and talented young girl at our church that we have come to love dearly drew this for us, it was amazing!! 
Mom was so excited, it was extra special for her since they were celebrating their 30 year wedding anniversary this December. Thank you Kate for making it so special!!

Next we were off to spend time with the Childers. This year we met at First Baptist Church we used their gym it was great, and plenty of room! 

Kenny enjoying shooting around with Uncle Mike!

As always lots of food and lots of fun!!

We all were so excited to see some of the new precious additions to the Childers family. 
Aunt Kathy was one proud Grandma holding one of her new twin grandchildren. This is sweet Elliana getting lots of love from her Grandma Childers.

Finally Christmas arrived at our house and we enjoyed the day together.
The kids were super excited as usual and as always Fred and I loved watching them open their gifts.

This was one of Kenny's favorite gifts his Studio C t-shirt!!

I know it is hard to see but this is Joey out in the back yard flying his new remote control helicopter he was so excited!

The rest of the day was filled with some of the kids taking some treats to the Fire dept. and wishing the Fire men a Merry Christmas. Then to a movie with their Dad, while a few others stayed back with me. Patti was feeling a little under the weather but thankfully was still able to enjoy most of the day!! 

So that is a look back at our Christmas. There were many other special things that we did like taking some presents to some old and new friends. Acting out the Christmas story, making Christmas cookies, attending Christmas eve service and feeling so blessed. Then being invited by some new friends to there home afterwards and enjoying a great time together. 

I myself have loved getting to have the break in routine, surprising the kids with a trip to Taco bell for lunch, watching Christmas movies with my sweet family, or getting to enjoy a cup of coffee with a dear friend. All these things make me incredibly thankful for all that the Lord has given me.